Our Coffee

The experience of our coffee begins with a fresh, unique taste because we roast our coffee in house. With our coffee, we strive to deliver you a quality cup of coffee and an experience that goes along with it.

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Our Beer

Craft brewers, by definition, are small, independent and traditional. Ramblin’ Red’s is the epitome of this as our beginnings were in a modest home in Northwest Ohio. Today’s operation, although a bit bigger, is still performed with the greatest of attention to detail and excitement as the first batch of brew.

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Our Story

Our origins start with a lifelong love of coffee. For Mel, it started as a small child at his Finnish and Norwegian grandparents’ dinner table. For Jo, it started as a “social thing” during her days at Hesston College. Over the years, we drank lots of coffee – good and bad, and after years of talking about it, turned our love of coffee into our profession.

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