Our origins start with a lifelong love of coffee. For Mel, it started as a small child at his Finnish and Norwegian grandparents’ dinner table. For Jo, it started as a “social thing” during her days at Hesston College. Over the years, we drank lots of coffee – good and bad, and after years of talking about it, turned our love of coffee into our profession.

As a result of our passion for coffee, we read books, attended trade shows, and visited as many coffee shops as we could. At one of the trade shows we saw a roasting demonstration and instantly became intrigued at the thought of roasting our own coffee. After a three day roasting workshop, Jo fell in love with the roasting process and we knew we wanted to open a coffee roasting business to ensure quality while instilling our own creativity.

When we first started, we considered renting a pole barn to roast coffee and sell it wholesale – but Mel had other plans. He knew that in order to grow our wholesale business we had to grow our retail business first, because the experience behind the coffee was just as important as the coffee itself. When we opened our original location, we rented a space that allowed us to have the roaster right in the shop so our customers could have an all-around coffee experience. As our retail business grew, our wholesale business did as well, allowing us to be a distributor of espresso machines, brewers, and grinders as well as provide training for new coffee shops in the region. Eventually our wholesale business and clientele outgrew our original location and in 2015 we moved to a 3000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility and entered into a new adventure – brewing craft beer.

The vision for Ramblin’ Red’s came in early 2014 when we visited a craft beer and coffee establishment in Charleston, SC. Jo immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the idea behind it. We both agreed that the same customers who enjoy their fresh roasted coffee also have a taste for quality brewed craft beer. Over the years at the coffee shop, we’ve had many conversations with coffee customers who were also “beer snobs”. We liked the idea of roasting our own coffee and brewing our own beer – and were convinced plenty of our current customers would like the idea too.

We knew our vision of a brewery could come to fruition with this new space; however, our expertise was in coffee, not craft beer. Luckily we knew a home brewer who shared our passion, and our first craft beer was served in Red Rambler Coffees September 2015.

Along with the micro-brewery, a state-of-the-art kitchen was built in our new warehouse, giving us the ability to add food to our ever evolving menu. In addition to our baked goods and desserts, hot breakfast sandwiches have been added to enjoy with morning coffee as well as sandwiches and soups for lunch, and flatbreads and wings that pair perfectly with our craft beer.

With the new products and new location, we felt it was time for a new, more modern look for the Red Rambler Coffees brand. Our logo was unveiled on our website and social media in late 2015, while our tagline, “Something’s Always Brewing” was chosen to reflect the beans, hops, and conversations that are constantly brewing at the store.

When we opened in 2003, we wanted something that would set us apart, so we decided to roast our own coffee, and now we are brewing our own beer. Roasting and brewing gives us control over the quality, consistency, and freshness of the coffee and the beer – which to us is crucial to our success.

The sight, aroma, and taste of our fresh roasted coffee and craft beer makes a trip to Red Rambler Coffees truly memorable. Join us at our new location for an experience that’s unique to Wauseon – and Northwest Ohio.





Our Coffee Roasted in House



The Origins of Our Coffee

From aroma to taste, our distinctive and selective roasts are a treat for all of your senses. When we begin our roasting process we begin with only Arabica (a-ra-bic-a) beans, the reason is for you – our customer. Arabica beans are sought after for what is able to be drawn out of them – complexity that allows your coffee experience to reach new heights. These exclusive beans are typically grown at higher elevations between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The most popular growing regions are in Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia. The cooler weather in the elevated areas allows the bean to develop at a slower rate, thus intensifying its flavor offering.

The Art of Our Coffee

Each shipment of Arabica beans that arrive at Red Rambler Coffees was chosen for a specific taste experience for our customer. Our roasting is still done in small batches, from a half pound of coffee all the way to 30 pounds of beans at a time, which is called micro or batch roasting. As each bean is unique, Red Rambler Coffees develops roasting profiles for each of the beans that we offer to ensure that the optimum roast will be expressed.

The Experience of Our Coffee

The experience of our coffee begins with a fresh, unique taste because we roast our coffee in house. With our coffee, we strive to deliver you a quality cup of coffee and an experience that goes along with it. Whether you have a deadline, a morning meeting, or are sharing an afternoon with a friend, the warmth of the cup in your hand is comforting, and the first sip of our coffee will energize you. Coffee is a gift to yourself and sometimes it may be the only bliss you get in a day. Trust we have done the research and the experimentation in order to provide you gratification in a coffee mug.

Coffee Offerings

Single Origin– A single origin coffee is always the fruit of one particular country.

Blends– A blend of two or more single-origin coffees. We expertly roast each origin independently, then carefully combine to create a new and interesting balance of flavors.

Decaf– Because all decaffeination processes can strip flavor from the bean, the decaf coffees we roast are chosen for the retention of their rich flavors.

Flavored– We use an Arabica bean that is mild, without a lot of body and acidity. The bean is full of mellow flavor, which complements the flavors we apply to the bean.

Fair Trade– We are a certified Fair Trade roaster, which means we have an equitable and fair partnership between consumers in North America and producers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.



Our House Brewed Craft Beer



Ramblin' Red's Craft Beer
Ramblin' Red's Craft Beer
Ramblin' Red's Craft Beer

The Origins of Our Craft

Craft brewers, by definition, are small, independent and traditional. Ramblin’ Red’s is the epitome of this as our beginnings were in a modest home in Northwest Ohio. Today’s operation, although a bit bigger, is still performed with the greatest of attention to detail and excitement as the first batch of brew.

The Art of Our Brewing

We believe the process of crafting our brews is just as important as the ultimate taste. For this reason, just as with the coffee we serve, everything is done in house right here in Wauseon. From milling and mashing to boiling and fermenting, every step is guided and watched over by Ramblin’ Red’s. This guarantees that our brews match up to our standards, whether you are a seasoned drinker or new to craft beer. We offer a variety of styles for the seasoned and the new whether you are looking for that old favorite or feeling adventurous.

The Adventure of Our Beer

Each glass we pour displays the creativity and dedication of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients. Learning about and taste testing all that we have to offer is an adventure that one must experience. Try a flight of our beers to get the full experience, or fill up on a growler of your favorite. Craft beer, like coffee, is treasured by many all around the world and we want you to enjoy your time spent appreciating a Ramblin’ Red’s Brew.


Feb 23th – Gene Zenz 7-10pm
March 16th – Lee Warren & Jamie Love 7-10pm




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