Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. We can roast small batches of ½ pound to 30 pounds of beans at a time on Diedrich IR12 roaster. This is called micro or batch roasting. Coffee roasting is not rocket science, but it does require attention to detail and a process to bring out the best qualities of each bean. We roast coffees from all over the world, and each coffee roasts differently. We develop roasting profiles for each bean through a well-refined process of roasting and tasting until the optimum roast for each type of bean is achieved. In the end, taste is “king” and trumps all science.

About our coffee:

Red Rambler coffees are chosen to give you a variety of different taste experiences. We offer coffee from four growing regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. Each coffee is roasted differently to bring out the optimum flavor of that specific bean.
There are two basic varieties of coffee bean: Robusta and Arabica. Red Rambler uses only specialty grade Arabica beans. Robusta beans are higher yielding and less expensive beans often used in national-brand coffees. Arabica (a-ra-bic-a) beans are lower yielding, more expensive beans, superior to Robusta beans in taste and aroma. Arabica beans are generally grown at higher elevations where cooler weather allows the bean to mature at a slower rate, thus intensifying its flavor.

Coffee Offerings:

Single Origin – A single origin coffee is always the fruit of one particular country.
Blends – A blend of two or more single-origin coffees. We expertly roast each origin independently, then carefully combine to create a new and interesting balance of flavors.
Decaf – Because all decaffeination processes can strip flavor from the bean, the decaf coffees we roast are chosen for the retention of their rich flavors.
Flavored – We use an Arabica bean that is mild, without a lot of body and acidity. The bean is full of mellow flavor, which complements the flavors we apply to the bean.
Fair Trade – We are a certified Fair Trade roaster. Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between consumers in North America and Producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Equipment & Supplies:

Equipment: At Red Rambler Coffees, we believe in selling what we use ourselves in our own retail coffee shop. We believe if you want great coffee or espresso you need equipment up to the challenge. We have taken the time and effort to become certified sales and service distributors for the following companies. These companies make reliable equipment that gets the most out of our fresh roasted coffees. We use their equipment daily and can assist you in determining which equipment will best meet your needs.

Astoria: usa.astoria.com

Fetco: fetco.com

Bunn: bunnomatic.com


At Red Rambler Coffees we believe in offering only products that we use ourselves. Several years ago, we had our baristas help us with a blind tasting of 6 different syrup companies. Stirling won the contest hands down.

Stirling Gourmet Flavors: stirlingflavors.com

Equipment service & installation:

We install and service everything we sell. We have factory trained, local service technicians who can properly install and maintain your equipment. How important is this? Well, the life blood of your business is that equipment and time lost is business lost. If you do have a problem, we are local which means our service turnaround time is quicker. We can also service many other brands of coffee and espresso equipment. In addition, we include training in proper use and preventive maintenance of equipment you purchase from Red Rambler Coffees.

Training & business development:

Business development consulting is available to help you navigate through your new endeavor. With experience in the day to day operations at our own coffee shop we have the “real world” knowledge to help you with both equipment operation and drink preparation. As your local supplier and consultant, we want to see you succeed and we will provide the resources to help you do that.


Ordering Information:

Ordering- Each of our wholesale accounts is put on a 2-week delivery schedule. We recommend that you stock no more than a 2-week supply to keep you well stocked and your coffee fresh. To help you keep your stock fresh we have no minimum order, but in order to remain an active wholesale account, coffee orders must be placed every 2 weeks. Because we are a micro roaster we can respond to your unexpected needs.

Payment Terms: Net 30 days’ terms are available with approved credit application and signed credit agreement. Until credit is approved, we accept COD, credit card, or business checks. Past due invoices will incur a late charge of 1.5% per month. Orders cannot be filled for past due accounts.

 Delivery/Shipping: Red Rambler Coffees offers free delivery within 50-mile radius on scheduled delivery week. Coffee will be shipped “best way” to accounts outside the 50-mile radius, shipping charges apply.